7 week Kundalini Serie : 7 Steps To Happiness.

Yogi Bhajan’s Seven Steps to Happiness .
Happiness comes from giving, and having an attitude of gratitude. Happiness has to do with being god-like.
That’s not asking too much, since the core identity of each of us is Spirit. That’s why these Seven Steps to Happiness apply.
1. Commitment
The first step is commitment. Commit to kindness and compassion. In every life you are meant to commit. That is why the word commit-meant. Commitment gives you CHARACTER.
2. Character
Character is when all your characteristics – all facets, flaws, and facts – are under your control. Yin and yang meet there, totally balanced. Character is a pattern of behavior where you can clearly answer and stand before your own consciousness. Character gives you DIGNITY.
Dignity is when you act as a god for another. People start trusting you, liking you, respecting you. Dignity will give you DIVINITY.
4. Divinity
Dignity is when people have no duality about you. They trust you right away. They have no fear about you. Divinity is when you put yourself and your life on the line to serve another person or a creature. Divinity gives you GRACE.
5. Grace
Where there is grace, there is no interference, no gap between two people, no hidden agendas. Grace is when you’ve developed a presence that works. Grace gives you the power to SACRIFICE.
6. Power to Sacrifice
The power to sacrifice is when God sits in your heart and presides in your head. You can stand any pain for another person. That sacrifice takes you to HAPPINESS.
7. Happiness
Happiness is when you can be thankful for the chance of being these seven things.
Bewandelen we samen deze 7 weken – samen onderweg naar Happiness ?!
Wat moet je dan doen ?
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‘’ The secret of Happiness is in your power to sacrifice and uplift others. Happiness is in giving, not in taking. God will give to you. Trust in the fact! Happiness is our birthright. There is no argument about it. Give your mind a chance’’ ~ Yogi Bahjan ,8/27/01.
Sat Nam,
Harmony Hunter